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Iniut created video game "Never Alone"


I simply would like to share news of a very creative indie game created by the Inuit people with direct involvement from there elders.

 "Never alone or "Kisima Inŋitchuŋa in the Iñupiat language" takes the player or players along for the   telling of the story and allows them to
 walk in the young girl "Kunuuksaayuka" shoes , the game also offers deep cultural and spiritual insights  from there elders in the form of video examples 
 relating to how there people core "see" and are interconnected to with natural world around them and each other in there community.
 Fans of Avatar will likely find strong root references that are deeply insightful and reflective upon the film at number of levels
 the only negative would be while the story is strong the platform puzzle game play lacks the polish of what people are used to playing still its quite challenging, dream like and ties the story together quite well
 the global reaction to this creative project has been very strong and supportive.

(Never alone E3 2014 trailer)


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