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Skxe Eywaftu:
I have joined, i have l4d2, despite the fact im an aussie, i have the full gore version :D god bless my american freinds and pay pal

Nice job  :D, anyone up for a game of L4D2?

Skxe Eywaftu:

--- Quote from: Tefpakyu on January 25, 2010, 12:07:27 pm ---Nice job  :D, anyone up for a game of L4D2?

--- End quote ---
If your on, ill send you a message :D

Bit late.. :P
But what about the game ''Portal''?
Im going to play it once the download has finished...
The meme ''The cake is a lie'' also origins from this game ;D

i would join but i'm actualy using my brothers accout for HL2 and that's all i have on steam..... might get some more games on it but i dunno realy

but portal rocks on the 360.
spomething to do for kicks and giggles shoot a portal into the roof and then the other directly below it.
jump in and see how fast you can get before moving the one on the roof onto one of the walls and launching yourself ;D


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