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Hufwe ta'em:
i where looking for that game on android market. But impossible to find it again.

Human No More:
http://www.gameloft.co.uk/android-games/avatar/?adid=110239 :)

Hufwe ta'em:

--- Quote from: Human No More on January 11, 2012, 05:23:02 pm ---http://www.gameloft.co.uk/android-games/avatar/?adid=110239 :)

--- End quote ---
Wtf dont work with ATRIX  :-[

Palulukan Maktoyu:
Tips about this. as i've even contacted gameloft about it.

the reply's i got from Gameloft are as such:
"We cant tell you what is coming or what is in development for the future, however each game is optimised for the device. Keep checking back to the website for the latest updates" maybe not those exact words each time but variations of it.

The neat part: They are correct. I've personally paid for the game direct from their website for the Galaxy S ( Gt-i9000) Galaxy S2 ( GT-i9100) LG Optimus 3D ( LG P920 )

they worked perfect on those devices. HOWEVER
I could not buy it for my Galaxy Note ( GT-N7000 ) or my Galaxy S3 ( GT-i9300 )

I got really fed up and decided to try something. I took the apk that i had paid for on the Galaxy S2 which has a screen resolution of 800x480 and installed it on my Galaxy Note which has a screen resolution of 1280x800.

To my Amazement the game installed and launched! downloaded the gaem data no problem.
found it difficult to get a game to start and maybe though hrrmmmm
when i finally got it to start, and got to playing the first time i tried the button for JUMP it didn't work , same for fire, switch weapon etc. which are all on the right bottom corner. i thought what the heck? started tapping a bit around the screen and by chance FOUND the spots that made the Ryan ( the character ) JUMP, FIRE, Switch weapon, etc.etc.

And suddenly i realised what they meant by OPTIMISED
it was more then just full 3d stereo support like for my LG p920 , or the dual core processor in the S2 ( as the note is almost IDENTICAL spec wise to the S2 regarding cpu, ram, android version etc )

It's the screen resolution! they map the controls by LITERAL SCREEN PIXEL POSITION
so the game was looking at the physical spot where they would have been if the note had been 800x480 instead of 1280x800

Really they could fix this in a heart beat and i would Happily pay again for it, but sadly they haven't availed themselves regardless of the several times i've mentioned it. ( Email, twitter, facebook feeds )

So there ya go, if you think you can live with having wonky controls just get it for a similar device ( for the atrix i would say the Galaxy S2 at best guess as similar screen resolution) and the Tegra 2 in that phone should make it smooth
but don't be surprised if it doesn't work at all and you ended up wasting the cost. my suggestion is EMAIL THEM FEEDBACK! The more people that feed back to them their unhappyness due to lack of support for a device the more likely they are to publish one for it

Ewya Ngahu


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