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Massive, Lightstorm and Fox Interactive team up for a game based on Avatar

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The first game wasn't bad in my opinion, it was actually pretty fun with the customizable loadouts...
Seems like the new one will be on PC, but my PC is not powerful and the only 8th gen console I have is a Wii U.

I liked the first game (even though I am not done with it yet) although I heard someone mention the Na'vi (languagewise) wasn't on-point. Can't wait for a new game that's up to date!  ;D

The Na'vi words in the first game make me cringe. That's my only problem with it.
Hopefully the new game is better.

Tirea Aean:

I would actually consider building a Windows rig to play this. Just for this game. (If I see that it's that good)

--- Quote from: wm.annis on February 28, 2017, 08:09:27 pm ---We'll just pretend that other game didn't happen.

--- End quote ---

Hah! so this.

Read it on Reddit a couple of hours ago, wasn't able to see whether or not someone posted here about this already.
I'm anxiously getting hyped for this, hoping that the developers have seen the flaws of the previous game, and as always curiously awaiting the (if any) involvement of awngeyƤ karyu Pawl.

With the current VR technology, I'm wondering if the conversation I had on TS several years ago is becoming more and more real. Becoming dreamwalkers ourselves.


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