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Tirea Aean:
I support this project whole-heartedly.

*rebirth this thread*

I was able to extract the .pak files with "QuickBMS script", but then I have the problem with the extracted files: I don't know, with wich tool I can modifiy the files...
For example the .nvm files contains datas for the maps, but I can't work with them...

 - ta Tìtstewan

That's most likely because it is a proprietary format created by a tool used by the game creators - maybe the tool has been created solely for the game which isn't very uncommon. Maybe those files are even encrypted to avoid people messing around with them (although I haven't seen this in the wild yet).

I tried a lot to open those files.
No success.


--- Quote from: Ricardo on December 11, 2012, 09:03:30 am ---I tried a lot to open those files.
No success.
--- End quote ---
Do you have tryed with the QuickBMS script?


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