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Irtaviš Ačankif:
Sorry for the pompous title.

Just curious, does anybody know the directory for the sound files and the text in the game? We NEED to get rid of the bad Na'vi!!!  ;D

Blue Elf:
You mean datafiles in Avatar game? It is in Data_Win32 folder of the installation directory, but data are in .pak files, I don't think it can be easily modified...
But it would be good if it's possible, I have Czech pack installed and some texts are horribly translated.

Irtaviš Ačankif:
I think there are many .pak mods though...there MUST be some way to edit them!  ;D

Once I tried to open them but found no way. The net does not present good helpings

Human No More:
http://neb.frikafrax.com/2010/06-2475-james-camerons-avatar-game-sound-conversion.html might be a help at getting the package contents.


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