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New Sequel to old Avatar Game?

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Maybe I habe too high expectations but if there would be an active modding scene many of your dreams could be possible. Especially better graphics, maybe new (bigger) levels and even story parts.
But until today I didn't see any modification for the game.

There are some mods for PC but they don't really do much. I'd much rather see a brand new game.

The one we have now is actually pretty good, the graphics are decent (its kind of hard to play on a smaller non-HD tv because of all the foliage ;D ) but like many of us I got the game after I started learning Na'vi, so I went in knowing pronounciation and everything, which is why we notice the (plentiful) errors. ;D If we went in completely oblivious to the language, we wouldn't even pick up on them. That being said I hope they make some changes in the new game, if/when they make it. It should be more true to the Na'vi and their look, like in the movie I didn't really see too much "armor" like in the game, the game Na'vi didn't have queues, etc.

...Which is where the Jim-himself-aforementioned possible MMO comes in. ;)

Human No More:
Things like the armour and the weapons I consider both reasonable and plausible. What annoys me most is the actual plot, followed by the lack of detail and the language failures.


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