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New Sequel to old Avatar Game?

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Txantslusam Skxawng:
Even on the console it didn't sounded right....

But on the console it was made by Ubisoft and well... Ubisoft makes good games ( like AC, Operation Flashpoint 2 and Avatar ) and some bad games ( like Kane & Lynch ) Hopefully they will learn from their mistakes and do a little bit better, but I think their will be a sequel, since there will be a sequel to Avatar, which will make a lot of money of course.

I'll bet they'll do just as bad if they're given such a horribly early release date. Noone can make a game of quality in the matter of 5 months. ACII:brotherhood will use that to optimize the PC version.

I hope Ubisoft learns of their mistakes, or let someone who at least cares a little about the franchise contenue the game.

Tsuksìm atsawl (KaPTan):
mmmm. a new game would be great... if it's good XD.  the original game wasn't half bad if you just looked at it as a game not based off of a movie and a language IMHO.

Hufwe ta'em:
I don't believe Ubisoft will made an Expansion for Avatar The game , first the critic for the game was bad, people expect more for the game and it just a prequel from the movie.

Tsteu nantang:
To be honest I hope they make a 2nd game and i hope they use a system simular to Splinter Cell: Double Agent. At least with the factions system. (If you need an explaination please let me know)  Other than that I have no suggestions


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