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Sylwanin ean Tanhì:

--- Quote from: Kametu on January 03, 2010, 06:54:46 pm ---Perhaps the 'long' nights are one of the leading reasons in so much bioluminescence?

--- End quote ---

The night and the moon are needed for you to be able to see the BL.
The microorganism is activaded when it's touched [as shown in the movie] but they need light to be "Dinoflagellate" if not they mutate and the only ones that can produce the BL are them in a red tide.

Hrm, if light is needed for BL to work... Then how do the many BL fish deep in the oceans where light does not reach work? I thought that was a chemical reaction.

Thats what I thought as well :/

Sylwanin ean Tanhì:
they are plankton [little animals] like many fishes in the deep ocean.

Sorry if you can barely see it its the best 1 I found =\

It is true that to be able to see them it has to be at night [with a full moon] but they need light to live. At least a little.

Sylwanin ean Tanhì:
OK so I just read what I had about Pandora and here's what I found:


Everything is there, from the atmosphere to the day/night time cycle and stills from the movie.


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