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--- Quote from: MaTe on January 11, 2010, 06:32:41 am ---Avatar gets about 2.2 times more per day on average, with better opening weekend and better weekdays(2.4 VS 1.7 for weekends) than Titanic. It drops a little bit faster than titanic so far, but seems like it's still on track to take N1 US and world in 4 weeks, considering better weekdays, and assuming it won't drop as much due to IMAX still being soldout on weekends. Normal ticket price inflation was around 1.5-1.6, 3d - 2.2

--- End quote ---

Yeah no joke about the IMAX, called the other day and all sold out a day in advance.

Lehrrap Uniltìranyu:
I had to call A WEEK in advance to get tickets for IMAX on Friday!! It's nuts!

The first time I saw Avatar I saw it in IMAX 3D and it dang near sold out but didn't quite get there. I guess it just took a week for the word to get out that Avatar is an amazing movie. I kinda expected that to happen anyways. For my 2nd time I went to see it last week in a regular theater with Real D 3D and it still f***in sold out at a 3:20 show. When I got up to order tickets they yelled "Single seats only for Avatar!" I was like god damn it... So I ordered tickets for 6:40. It was still pretty packed in there at 6:40 but me and my friend still got good seats. We went on a Saturday I believe. 3rd time I went on a Wednesday and it wasn't packed. Still lots of people though. When I went to see it for my 2nd time I remember watching the people poor out of there for fricken like 7 - 10 minutes. I was amazed that that many people could even fit in there. lol

Even after a month running the local theater is still packed.
I counted yesterday/talked to the owner and in three shows they had one totally sold out (evening), one with three open places (afternoon) and even the late show was at three quarters capacity (120 seats, yeah, small town)...
People seem to love this movie (somehow, don't ask me why, I understand) and so far everyone I watched it with came out with a broad grin and "Yeah, I know why you want to see it again"...

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