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Day by day Avatar revenue generation.

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(US only, I don't have a site which accurately maps the day by day international revenue unless someone knows one?)

Will be updated daily.

(open document spreadsheet)

(excel spreadsheet)

(pdf, not the best way to see it)

Pretty universal spreadsheet formats, if you can't open it, tell me what you can open and ill upload it.

following these trends, unless avatar has a sudden drop off of revenue, then it will easily outgross titanic.

Is that a Mac spreadsheet format? You need to upload something that Windows users can use as well. Like and Excel spreadsheet.

ODS is OpenDocumentSpreadsheet.

Pretty much anything can open the format.

Also included xlsx (excel) and a PDF (though this isn't as good)


Avatar gets about 2.2 times more per day on average, with better opening weekend and better weekdays(2.4 VS 1.7 for weekends) than Titanic. It drops a little bit faster than titanic so far, but seems like it's still on track to take N1 US and world in 4 weeks, considering better weekdays, and assuming it won't drop as much due to IMAX still being soldout on weekends. Normal ticket price inflation was around 1.5-1.6, 3d - 2.2


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