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Do you think that's intentional?

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Ayzìsìt Alenantang:
I've noticed during the movie, that humans name stuff after mythology. for example:
* Mountain banshee (Banshee is a ghost in Scotish mythology)
* Medusa
* Dragon (In the movie, it was the big gunship)
* Hell's gate (RDA base)
* Pandora (After pandora's box)
Do you think it symbolize something, or just cool names? I think it's there to show that humans are still connected to their past, adding to the fact that the same story could've been told from the human's point of view, making the Na'vi the bad guys- a stubborn race.
What do you think?

humans love hearing cool code names that have a theme, that's all.

of course it was intentional.

Txantslusama tsamsiyu:
What was Medusa? There is a Scorpion ,Samson and Valkyrie. The RDA named Toruk the Great Leonopteryx.

Most likely, but most military vehicles have a calltype (ie the F-10 'Warthog')  it's unsurprising.  As for the mythological aspect, would guess that the if the planet was named Pandora first, then the similar naming aspects for the creatures would follow.


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