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I wonder what you think of what Jake Sully says towards the end of the movie (while the RDA is leaving the planet).

--- Quote ---The aliens went back to their dying world.
--- End quote ---

For me it shows that he truly thinks of him self as Na'vi now as he calls them aliens. It also puts a lot of focus on the humanity again, as earth is called a "dying world".

I would agree with that interpretation of him seeing himself as Na'vi and not really human anymore. One would wonder if this is a subconscious justification of his essential betrayal against humanity but I personally feel that as a character it seems Jake has realized that humanity had lost it's way and that he felt more in common with the Na'vi then he did with humanity.

Plus Jake said, "I have always dreamed of flying..."  Then he gets to fly an ikran and says, "Well I may not be much of a horse guy, but I was meant to do this."  Those quotes stand out in my mind about why Jake betrayed the race that sent him to war where he lost his legs to begin with.

"All I've ever wanted is a single thing worth fighting for", not a moral, but still... still looking for my thing :)

Jake is in love with being challenged...

If you go soft... Pandora will s*** you out dead with Zero warning! - Miles Quaritch

Why Save You? You have a strong heart, you showed no fear... but you are stupid, ignorant, like a child! ... No one can teach you to See - Neytiri

So you decided that you would come to the most hostile environment known to man, and and just see what it was like? - Dr. Augustine

How will I know if it chooses me? - Jake
It will try to kill you. - Neytiri
Outstanding! - Jake


Not only did Pandora not kill him, did he also learn to "SEE", but he gained the respect of those who completely disregarded him from the moment he came to meet them.


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