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Most Beautiful/Touching Parts (SPOILERS)

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Because, yes, it's true; favorite parts and most beautiful or touching parts of a movie aren't necessarily the same thing. Take some time to think about that, I'm sure you can all agree with me, and that you can find a perfect example to come and give us about it here. I'll start. :)

If I think "What's the part that touched me the most", it automatically screams out in my mind, since it's so obvious.

After confrontation with Quatrich, Jake falls out of the pod and begins to suffer the effects of the planet's atmospheric gas. As this happens, Neytiri tries to wake his avatar up, and notices/remembers the lab. She screams out his name and rushes in and... finds him. I'll explain later why this is so important.
She picks up his body and tries to save him with the mask, after which when he's safe, he looks at her and she looks at him, and they both say to each other "I see you...". And you can see love in their eyes. Clearly.

It's amazing, so wonderful for me that she can reason herself that he's in the lab and in danger, rush in an immediately (note: immediately) recognize him, even though she never saw him in real life. And even if their faces look like their avatars, I'm sure it's a bit different, seeing the initial xenophobia both parties have. And after that, she saves him. And she looks at him.
And she still loves him. And you can damn right tell.

It's... perfect, beautiful that, knowing that they're not in the same species, that it's all some kind of masquerade, all of that... they are still perfectly able to look at each other and love each other. There's no obstacle. It looks like there would never be any, ever. And that made me tear up. Easily.

I'm probably going to write more parts. But I think that to start this thread, it's a good go.
Also, I wonder if anyone has the same vision as me for that scene. Let me know, all right? :)

Nume fpi sänume:
The first flight, it was an awe inspiring bit of work, and gave you an idea of how immense things on Pandora are.

The part that got to me the most was when Kelutral, Hometree, was destroyed. Oh how much I wanted to destroy the glass on the RDA ships!

I have to agree on the bit in the original post, it was a heart wrenching part of the movie, also the part where they go to the Spirit Tree and solidify their bond, the music is so moving (I have purchased the soundtrack) you could realy feel 2 souls becoming one. It makes me envious that humans could never connect on such a level.

Irayo, neosis, for coming over the my askings. I'm happy someone agrees with how I see it. :) So happy.
Anyone else?


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