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Na'vi/Avatar biology

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--- Quote from: bagget00 on December 31, 2009, 02:41:09 am ---The Tsahaylu was probably tested because Grace at one point says "Don't play with those too much, you'll go blind." They had to have had somebody actually go blind fpr that to happen. In my thinking anyways.
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It was a masturbation joke, implying that it was used for sex.  Which puts a kinky cant on tsahaylu if that's all of what was involved in Na'vi mating.

EywayƤ Nantang:
well, tsahaylu is a permenant bond, just like the ikrans. It lets the mated pair share thoughts and emotions

Hufwe Makto:
I would like to think that the Tsahaylu is just an extension of the spinal cord and needs to keep a loop like an electrical circut. so when Grace says "don't play with that, you'll go blind" its like being handicapped and you loose the neural connection between the brain and the eyes. why its just limited to the eyes i can only guess that the Tsahaylu is most connected to the area of the brain that controls sight. i would guess that you would also loose partial control of other motor controls


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