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The old Uriuujìn:
Alright, so we all know that Jake is now in an Avatar body, which is partially human DNA and partially Na'vi DNA.  However, this is where a question develops: What is the possible human-Na'vi genome ratio? How much of the Avatar body is Na'vi, and how much is Human? If the species are different enough, and the genes of each too far apart, is it even possible for Jake and Neytiri to have children? And if they can have children, how will they be different than regular Na'vi children?

Food for thought.

Eywa ayoenghu. Eywa Jake ulte Neytiri-hu


Maweya tirea:
You make a good point. However, none of us know for sure. That very well may be one of the conflicts in the sequels.  ;D

Hufwe Makto:
I've been wondering if Avatars were sterile. I'm learning about evolutionary history and creating new species in bio class. there are almost limiting factors to new species: mechanical difficulties (things don't.. err... fit),
the hybrid is sterile (that would be Jake), the hybrids offspring are unstable (fertilization occurs but every generation becomes weaker), and eggs and sperm are not compatible (no fertilization). so due to these factors it is highly unlikely that Jake and Neytiri will produce healthy children. of course the only part of human DNA that got mixed with Na'vi is the control of a human brain in the body and some cosmetic features. you could probably infer from this that about 75% is pure Na'vi and 25% is pure human. then their children would be more Na'vi, about 87%, 13% human. their children would be about 93% Na'vi 3 percent human. and so on. none of Jake's later generations could be pure-bred Na'vi. some human DNA will always stay on Pandora but very little if Jake was the only avatar to mate with a pure-bred Na'vi.

Maweya tirea:
Very interesting and very confusing.  ;)  I honestly have to say I have no clue. It would definitely give a lot of drama to one of the sequels if Jake could not have children with Neytiri.

Hufwe Makto:
i think it would be a waste of life. the ultimate biological objective in life is to pass your genes into the future. and if Jake looses that ability at the end of the movie, its a waste to transfer his consciousness into the avatar.


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