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Dances with Wolves.
Star Wars Saga.
Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind (a.k.a. Warriors of the Wind).
Dune (1984, 2000 mini-series and Children of Dune).
Fantastic Planet.
Last of the Mohicans.
Star Trek movies.
LightYears (Gandahar).
Heavy Metal.
Both Pocahontas movies (1995's movie and The New World from 2005).
Castle in The Sky (aka Laputa).
Man Named Horse.
Broken Arrow (1950).
Starchaser Legend of Orin.
The Dark Crystal.
My Neighbor Totoro.

Ftxavanga Txe′lan:
I don't know many of those films you mention, but in any case, I wouldn't say that Star Wars really is alike to Avatar. I mean, except from the fact that both are sci-fi and take place in a time that isn't the present (in which they aren't even really similar, since SW takes place in the past and Avatar, in the future). :)

Perhaps you can give us some explanation as to why you think those movies are similar to Avatar, ma 'eylan? :) It'd be interesting to hear. For Pocahontas, I think everyone know what you mean though! ;) hrh

Atlantis: The Lost Empire.
How To Train Your Dragon.

I would say that the original Stargate movie (which Atlantis: The Lost Empire is based on) is more like Avatar than say, Dances with Wolves or Ferngully.

The main difference between Avatar and Pocahontas is a big one for me: the ending is the opposite. Whereas in Pocahontas she goes to civilization instead of staying in her world, Jake stays in the better, more peaceful, natural world and rejects civilization.IMO, this changes the meaning of the movie for me. Also: Jake is a more likeable protagonist (IMO), because he is flawed. He isn't some big, buff, Aryan man played by an anti-Semite (Mel Gibson). He is a paraplegic who most likely has PTSD and has more to learn than John Smith does, making for a better character arc, in movie terms at least.

Of course, they are both very simliar, I am not denying that. I just prefer Avatar because the characters are more interesting, the movie is longer, allowing for a more detailed story arc, and the world is so brilliantly designed and envisioned.

Aliens was also directed and written by James Cameron, so there would be some similarities, definitely.

The theme is very similar to some Miyazaki films, like Nausicaa and Princess Mononoke (in terms of tolerance and environmental message, but a lot of movies you didn't mention also have this), but I haven't seen many other of the movies you mentioned, so I can't say anything about them.

'Itan Atxur:
I'm inclined to disagree with many of the movies you listed. Serenity for an instance. It is sci-fi, but I really don't see the connection after that. Same with Star Wars.

Dances with the Wolves, Pocahontas, and Ferngully though, I agree with.

 ;D ;D

-Itan Atxur


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