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So I just got back...

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From my second viewing of this wonderful movie.  I picked up on a lot more, as one would, with the language, the scenery, just the flow of everything.  I would love to go at least one more time.

How was everyone else's re-viewing?

My experiences were similar, though I did not get the same blown away feeling after the second or 3rd viewing.  It was still powerful emotionally, but it just wasn't the same as the first time... 

Second time was just as great as the first, but in 3d. The first time I saw it in 2d, did not know that 3d existed. I made sure to bring a crowd of people along with me! I would love to go to another viewing of the 3D version, probably a week or so after xmas (I hope it is still in the theaters) and bring 20 people along who have not seen it :) I hope they release it in High Definition and 3D on blue ray, dvd or something!!!

Panasonic actually has a working 3D model they are traveling around with.  It is the next step in 3D and it looks amazing.  Of course they are taking their time releasing it and it is going to cost a lot of money.

Also had a second viewing, the immediate next day. I was already starting my obsession by the language at that point, so it was great fun trying to understand certain words.
that, and the scenery, of course.


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