The re-releases revived the bashing of the movie

Started by Morang, October 08, 2022, 04:20:52 PM

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I feel like the bashing kind of died off these years, but once James Cameron announced it will come back in theaters (hurray!) + the sequel trailer dropped, many people on Twitter just jumped on the occasion to yell about how bad the movie is.

I'm quite tired of seeing people on Twitter bash the movie for stuff like the "Unobtainium" (which is a name used IRL), blue skin, or how everyone forgot the name of the characters, and so on because you guys probably know it all too. I totally understand why someone wouldn't like the movie, but the criticism people do is always pity, I've yet to come across a good review with well-thought-out arguments. Like aware of its flaws, it's not perfect despite being my favorite movie of all time, but I still think the way people act about it is just overexaggerated. They love to compare it to other movies but never compare it to real events of our world that happened and are still going on, which I, by the way, find very strange?

Anyways, I personally just scroll past these tweets and ignore them because I think that's the best way to react.
But how do you guys feel about all of this?

I for instance still feel ashamed to talk about pandora despite it being a huge hyper-fixation of mine, this is my first post, and yeah it might be very basic but I just wanted to start off easily.
Very happy to have joined this community! everyone here seems super sweet!  8)


I think that the decline of criticism and the current resurgence are because the movie and everything around it have generally lost attention. This can also be seen in the development of activity here in the forum. Since the trailer, the film has been present in the media again. That's why many people remember it again and then say "Oh, that was that Pocahontas in space movie," and so on.

But most of the criticisms are still a repitition of the same 3-4 arguments. And they are just as boring and pointless as they were back then.

1. Unobtainium
If you speak English as a native language, the name may sound silly. But first, it has been used in sci-fi movies for quite a while, best example is "the core", second, the periodic table of elements at the end has also some names that are not peak creativity. They maybe should have called it Pandorium or something.

2 It's just Pocahontas/Ferngully/Dances with Wolves/...
Yes, there is overlap. But latest since Tarantino, we know that the following also applies to film: a great artist steals. It doesn't matter so much that you invent a never before seen story, because supposedly there are only a very small number of basic stories anyway, which have been retold again and again since the first stories. It is much more important to present a story in such a new way that it is fresh and gripping again. That's what's defining art. There are x adaptations of Romeo and Juliet (and many, many other plays and operas) and no one has ever complained that it has been done before. So why here?
Of course, as a book, the story would not be a candidate for a Nobel Prize, but it serves its purpose and for the fact that its creator is more concerned with developing technical innovations, the storytelling is very solid.

3. It had no cultural impact
If the mere announcement of a new part is enough for hundreds or even thousands of people to simultaneously remember everything that bothered them about a 13 years old movie and they feel compelled to collectively write it on the Internet, the impact can't have been that small. Are these people even aware of the irony of what they are doing?
The movie has single-handedly managed to fuel the 3D movie branch and bring fat revenues to 3D theaters for years.
The re-release has grossed over $60 million worldwide. 13 years after first release with a movie that people could watch at home. Most movies dream of grossing this much on their first (and last) release.

4. No one can remember the names
So what? I can't remember most of the names of the characters in most of the movies I've seen, but I still know what most of them were about and what I felt while watching them. Names aren't that important.
I watched the movie last week with someone who had never watched it and who is usually enviably good at remembering all the names of movie characters and actors. Here he told me right after the credits that he couldn't remember a single name, but that the movie knocked him off his feet and that he hoped to be able to dream about it at night. So what's more important, the names or the impression?


Trust me when I say that the bashing has been deafening for the last 13 years. If anything I've seen the opposite, the silent majority has come back around to defend the film and say how much they loved it. It's actually been quite nice to see :)

I'm not (one of) the only ones defending Avatar on Twitter anymore ;D


Quote from: Morang on October 08, 2022, 04:20:52 PM
Very happy to have joined this community! everyone here seems super sweet!  8)
Kaltxì ma Morang :) Welcome here!

I ignore all these critisms, Avatar is (and always will be) one of my the most favourite movies.


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