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The first time I saw Avatar when Tsu'tey was shot and fell off of the I felt a slight pang of regret and then moved on.  The third time I saw it I thought, "I hope Tsu'tey lived".  Are the Na'vi supposed to be almost indestructable?  Is it possible he survives for the sequel?  Would you want him to?

omängum fra'uti:
You have to feel sorry for the guy.  He went from being the one to be joined with the clan leader's daughter & second in line as clan leader to just one of the clan, and worse he was overstepped by a uniltìranyu!

Yet, when Jake comes down ready to lead, Tsu'tey puts that all behind him, and does what needs to be done, possibly at the ultimate cost of his life.

I think his story is one of the most tragic in the movie, even though it's only a side plot.

Nume fpi sänume:
Agreed, at first I was like "Oh well, he died", but last time I saw it I was like "hmmm i wonder if those shots were fatal...." then I was trying to figure out if he was going to survive the fall. I mean, maybe 2-3 days passed between the final battle scene and the movement of "Jake" form one body to the next...maybe, so who knows he could still be alive.

Well it is possible but its up to Cameron to decide about it.

He wasnt to become eytkan through bonding with Neytiti, it was simply going to be his role. He was not dethroned by Jake or anything like that, but Jake did steal his "arranged marriage" love interest. That is probably the first time in Na'vi history that one of the two leaders chose a mate outside of tradition, so the procedure would be up to them. Jake allowed Tsu'tey to remain clan leader, even after becoming turok'makto. at leas that's what I believe

That aside. The bones of the Na'vi are reinforced with carbon fiber, a natural material that is supposedly strong as steel(ish). If you remember, Jake jumps off of the gunsip and falls through the trees, using branches and foilage to break the fall, and he still goes on to fight Quaritch. It tsu'tey was concious for the fall, he could have survived using the same technique. If he did, you would think he could walk to the Tree of spirits, but he doesnt. This leaves me with one of two conclusions. A.) the bullets killed him by hitting a major organ, or they did enough damage so that when he got to the ground, he bled out before making it to the tree. B.) He managed to survive, and he will return in the next one.

I personally think that option A is much more likely, seeing as how there was a time lapse between Jake's ceremony and the battle. But Jim could still be deciding whether or not he's dead. Who knows?

Irayo, ma aysumkan sì asmuke.


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