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what was the highest resolution avatar was ever officially released in?

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hello, i do not know if a topic for this question already exists so i am making a new one.

so, my question is just that. as far as you know what was the highest quality format/ resolution avatar ever came out in for the public?

i really hope it was officially released in 4K :)

thank you for taking the time to reply.
eywa be with you

Eana Unil:
The highest resolution release of Avatar would be the Extended Collector's Edition BluRay/3D BluRay, afaik (1080p/AVC MPEG-4).

Avatar require a lot power to render so they stay with low resolution. IIRC whole film was rendered in 2K (a bit more than standard 1920px) or 2.5k because they have to crop final image for different aspect radios.
Also, Fox doesn't know how much the film will earn so they limit costs of postproducion. In 2008-2009 most digital cinemas in USA have only 2K resolution and only IMAX can benefit from higher rendering resolution.

On the other hand, Weta and Lightstorm have ability to re-render whole movie in 4K. If You search for Avatar 4K You can easily found few frames from the movie rendered in 4K resolution.

There was talk of Avatar being out in 4K/UHD a while back, but there's been no follow up that I can remember seeing since.
I think I remember that it expected to be upscaled from 2K to 4K, rather than rerendered. There was also talk of converting it to high dynamic range.

I find it highly unlikely that Cameron would not want 4K Avatar at some point, after all How to Train Your Dragon 4K Blu-ray is due for release 1/22/19.

i have heard that upscaling video can cause artifacting and video noise. that's why i'm probably not going to watch avatar in any "unofficial" resolution

however the 1080p extended edition looks absolutely amazing even on my cheap FHD monitor. so much detail, so much color


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