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A Few Announcements


Kaltxì ma oeyä eylan!

The Neytiri Project has partnered with the Learn Na'vi Discord to provide a dedicated tutorship service.

Whether you're a new or experienced learner, if you need help with Na'vi subjects and aren't inclined to ask questions in a large group format, this program is designed to provide 1 on 1 temporary tutorship alongside the Neytiri Project's primary learning program.

Secondly, there are multiple available ayharyu (teachers) for the first time in a long time! If you are looking for someone to teach you Na'vi, now is a great time. You can begin that process by joining our Discord server.

Lastly, with Pandora opening at Disney we have been experiencing an influx of members into the Learn Na'vi Discord community, and we are expecting more. If you have the desire to assist in the mentorship and teaching of these new members, then now is the time to join us there as well. All necessary links can be found below.

As always, I personally am looking forward to working with you to spread the knowledge and love of the Na'vi language.

'Ivong Na'vi!

The Neytiri Project Discord
The Learn Na'vi Discord

Thank you for this.

 :D  :D


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