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That reminds me. I'm opening myself up as a karyu. I feel confidant enough, and where I'm not I have plenty of other people to refer to.

Update: Svänawn is now my numeyu.

Alìm Tsamsiyu:
...Hufwa set oel lì'fyat leNavi wivätx, I think my interest has been rekindled... I never have been the best teacher, regardless of knowledge, but I don't think it'd hurt to give it another shot ;)

Form updated by Tirea. Ma Alìm, I have a numeyu for you if you believe you are ready.

Alìm Tsamsiyu:
Srane - I believe I can take a numeyu now. Though, it may take some work to figure out a good schedule (just to be sure the numeyu is aware of this).

Tsufätu Ayioangä:
I am more then interested int his version two!  I need a good teacher :/


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