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Eana Unil:


I need that with Na'vi and all other fictional languages, please.  8)

But we have excellent Na'vi speakers. Why not use them instead of an online translator?

Cool, but how correct the translators works?
We have as translator, but is not really good...

Lance R. Casey:
It's not too good. I tried this:

--- Quote ---Qap'a' Dochvam? 'e' vISIv 'ach chaq batlh ghunlu'pu'.

ghobe', Qapbe'law'. 'ach tlhaQ lujDI'!
--- End quote ---

...and got this:

--- Quote ---You win this? iv I know, but maybe the honor program.

No, a singularly ineffective policy so far. When you lose, but funny!
--- End quote ---


--- Quote ---So let's try it the other way. Will it produce an understandable translation now?
--- End quote ---


--- Quote ---vaj Ha' 'oH nID latlh mIw. unDerStanDable mughmeH DaH lIng 'oH?
--- End quote ---

So, looks like we've got a little ways to go yet. ;)

Eana Unil:
Well, I guess it's just like Google Translator... a good way to get an impression of what was written there in a different language (Klingon or whatever), at best get a 80% correct text, but those translators still need a lot of improvement until we may have, some day, some time, something like an universal translator (communicator) like in Star Trek :D

Just thought this is kinda amazing and odd at the same time, so I wanted to share this.  ;)

About Navilator... the results are just a catastrophe, but it was a great attempt to create a translator for the Na'vi language as well. :)


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