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panDo'ra' bom (Klingon limerick about the Na'vi)

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Our Lady of Toast:
bomwIj yI'Ij!  na'vIy be' 'IH bop.
jatlhpu' ghaH, << ma'IQqu'taHvIS, malop. >>
jatlhpu' tera'ngan,
<< panDo'ra' wIDan! >>
ja'pu' na'vIy, << Sa'HutwIj SuD yIchop. >>

In English/DI'vI' Hol:

Listen to my song!  It's about a beautiful Na'vi girl.
She said, "When we're really sad, we party."
A human said,
"We're going to occupy Pandora!"
The Na'vi girl said, "Kiss my blue @ss!"

I think you just won the Internet...


--- Quote from: suomichris on February 02, 2010, 08:39:56 pm ---I think you just won the Internet...

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Eywarusrung te Nantang:
Definitly, nawm work.

That is awesome.


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