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DaHjaj (wa'Hu') Do'Ha' Heghpu' Leonard Nimoy.
Hov leng Mr. Spock Da' rIntaH ghaH.
83 ben boghpu'.
Suto'vo'qorDaq bIghobjaj!

Spoiler: tlhIngan Hol (plqaD)              

   !
Spoiler: tera' Hol (English)Unfortunately, Leonard Nimoy died at 83 today. He was Mr Spock in the movie Star Trek.

Relax in peace, Mr. Spock!
SpoilerThank you Bing Translator. Sorry for the mistakes. :/
laH ja'chuq SoH naDev. ;)
(You can discuss here)

In case that nobody is aware of this, this is the thread about the death of Leonard Nimoy. The translation is in the spoiler. You can speak English.

I also don’t know enough Klingon … either way, it should be in Vulcan anyway …

I just read it.  :o very sad only :( Pori tirea salew hu Eywa set.

I don't know much klingon anymore and I know zero vulcan. :(

RIP Mr. Spock
Pori tirea salew hu Eywa. :( :'( :'(

I'm am aware that you don't really know much about the Klingon. I put the translation because of that. I wrote in Klingon because it's one of the languages in Star Trek (the language of the Klingons :-X).

--- Quote from: Plumps on February 28, 2015, 03:15:21 am ---it should be in Vulcan anyway …

--- End quote ---
wow, I'm so sorry!  :-[ :-[ :-X :( Anyway, it's hard to find a ressource about the language.

I'm very sorry for the loss of this actor. As Tsanten said, ''He is out there looking at us, travelling where no man has gone before. It is the way for us as the humanity to expand ourselves further out in the universe''. ;)


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