tlhIngan Hol coming to Duolingo

Started by AceOfFours, April 10, 2015, 04:55:30 PM

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tugh tlhIngan Hol ghojchoHlaH Hoch!
That's right-a Klingon course for Duolingo is currently in developement. You can keep track of its progress here.
Holmey vIHaDtaH

Eana Unil

Tewti, txantsana fmawn! Would be great, if other conlangs would be considered for this, as well.  ;)

Btw, I signed up on, which is currently in beta-state, and they also offer Klingon for choosing as a language you speak or learn.


That's why we can do it with Na'vi :)
It's blenden learning and grammatical induction (or something like that).