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Deserts and scrublands

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Txon Taronyu:
I was reading more about tribes and many really cool tribes live in deserts or scrub lands. I know every body is battling out about forests and jungles (because they are most Na'vi most likely but still I love deserts they are very beutiful what do you people think

Too much hard and definitively not what I want sorry. however, waiting opinions from other people.

Desert regions could be an option, although they are not the most forgiving place neither is a jungle. Despite this I think the main advantage of a jungle or forest is that they are Pandora-like and for a group of people embarking on a complete life change I think it's very important that we are happy where we are and inspired by it and for most people this seems to be a forest.
I think there is much value in living somewhere that reminds us why we have done this and what we are aiming for, embracing as thoroughly as possible our dream ensures we are least likely to forget it in the hardships of reality. Although this may be a somewhat romantic notion.

Yeah i dont think its a very good idea.
I would rather have a forest than a desert..

Ikranä mokri:
deserts may be beautiful but arid and semi-arid environments are some of the hardest environments to survive in. the constant threat of burning due to our skin colour would be a huge issue, lack of water and teh fact that its hot and you will lose a lot of moisture as sweat etc.

ill touch upon deserts later in my SAS thread but in the short snippet about it it said it was the hardest environment to survive in.

the fact that there are not many animals in a desert. other than lizards and snakes (mostly reptiles anyway). hunting for large animals (what little there are) could take weeks.

but wait for my post and you will see the good and bad points for a whole bunch of environments


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