Final Question About The Kind Of Location ( i hope )

Started by Navi, February 17, 2011, 12:18:45 PM

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what kind of habitat you want?

Rainforest (like Brazil,Ecuador, Kongo, etc)
Desert ( you all know what a desert is^^ )
Arctic (like Alaska, etc)
Moderate (like Italy, Canada, Germany , USA, etc)
 i don't care
Tropical Forest (like Hawai,Puerto Rico, etc)


concerning some discord in the new location i want to make a democratic solution and ask our members about the kind of location

(but please search on the internet how dangerous the kind of habitat REALLY is, not what the people mostly say like for examples "the rainforest is too dangerous, nobody can survive in such a habitat" or "the arctic habitats are too cold to survive" "the desert is too hot we will be dried corpses". don't forget the humans can survive in almost every habitat ( not easy but possible))

take time to choose :) because i hope this will be the last poll about the kind of location, and then i'll look after land like the kind of location you all want :)


I have been researching under the impression that we are aiming for anywhere in between rainforest and moderate. For one thing, temperature acclimatisation needs to be considered - those from cold countries may struggle to adapt to the tropics.

I am all for tropical, though!

If you are going to research the locations too, then reminder - we need land of biggest size possible for lowest possible price, knowledge on local plant/animal life, info on hunting regulations in that country, and fairly decent transport links (so not a hundred miles from civilisation!).

GLad to see some life returning to the forum...I was getting worried.

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i started this poll, because at the other polls we were many members but now we are only a punch of members and only 5-10 are active in the tribe :(


sorry i forgot one important habitat: the tropical forest, i reset the poll maybe someone want to choose another option now. (i send a screenshot of the poll yet to me therewith we know after reset how the members chose)

i hope nobody is angry about it :(


Hmm, did not realise tropical forest was any different. Well done anyway!

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Sorry, just wanted to see what has been chosen so far... chose "I don't care." Couldn't find it another way.

edit (though its just my humble opinion and I am not involved in any of your choices):

I'd say, get the info on all these possibilities (have everyone read this info, for not evryone will know evrything and ...if you dont collect your knowledge of climates and sites etc. ... you'll never know on which knowledge the choice of your members was based... and therefore, you wont know whether it was a credible choice... trust is fine... but this is to important to simply trust in people having done enough research before voting...)

Furthermore, talk about when to start out is only realistic once you have a location and know how much land you can get for how much money and in which time span you MIGHT be able to collect that much money... it will take more than four years, even if all of you work together... and then, one cannot become an expert in anything with two years training... not even two years training every day. Thats just so mordern world thinking...

'Itan Atxur

Our search has since broadened very much. We're pretty much considering absolutely every possibility.

Check out more from my DeviantArt page HERE


Kaltxì Dani!

I take it you are not heavily committed to joining the tribe? This is fine, it is always refreshing to have an outside voice, as our own vision may be clouded.

I think this poll was first started to get an opinion on where people would like to go, not based on research or statistics but simply where they wanted.
We have since discovered that the difficulties of obtaining land and immigratory residency mean that we will have to literally consider every option, as 'Itan said.

In terms of our time selection, I feel this is justified by having a definite goal. If we said "the tribe will be set up some time in the next decade" then there would be far less need to do the research and move forward. This way, we have a deadline, and something to work towards.

And yes, two years do not make you an expert. Although, I think if you did it every day, then you may come close...but the thing is, we are not after "expert" (hard to define anyway), we are after decent. Not so bad as to be borderline, but good enough to contribute to the community. The key is in the training, and there are some really bad and really good courses out there. The Anake Outdoor School, a 9-month residential program, seems to be the absolute best, and i plan to take this one.

Hopefully that's all the issues covered! Thanks again for your input. :)

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