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Finding our Location a different way prt. 3

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Txon Taronyu:
Ok so we are almost there (at finding our most wanted location). Unfortuantly, people voted for forest in prt.1 and tropical wet in prt.2 so they don't really match. Still we know what people want better they want a non-jungle jungle makes sense to me!  ;D

If Parts 2 and 1 didn't match, let's see how Part 3 and TLB3 match up.

Nìwotxkrr Tìyawn:
OK, conflicting problems means incomprehensibly complicated solutions.

Let's analyze the locations shall we?

N. America I find to be absolutely out of the question, mostly because it is consisted of Canada (Weather is much too cold or warm, I know because I live here ;) ) and US (Which I fin to be too crowded with people everywhere.

S. America maybe, I know there is a nice bunch of forest out there, may be a possible choice.

Africa would also be good, except they are swarmed with deseases and the life conditions are less than favorable for anyone to live there permanently.

Europe, much too crowded and a little too urban in some areas, while others may be just perfect.

Asia, honestly I don't know where we would go if we decided to go there.

Australia is my pic, the weather and life style seems pretty good to me and the nature is very cool :).

Txon Taronyu:
personaly I don't think australia is good the little forest there is manly in national parks and the rest is desert also the islands around there are all full or are million priced

I say s. america or n. america or Asia (lots of free space)


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