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Started by Tonbogiri, July 28, 2011, 05:16:15 PM

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I have looked up several islands on Google maps, and those that I have found (like Geraldo in Brazil, and Ile Aguara Sur in Argentina) are separated from the mainland only by a river, they are not far out in the sea. But still, the downside of an island would be that it needs to be much larger than a plot of land in the mainland, because of delicate ecosystems.


I tried to look for more Hawaiian land for you but my suspicions were only confirmed - land on Hawaii is CRAZILY expensive. ~3500 per acre, as the location you've looked up, is cheap compared to the other pieces of land I've found. Such as 891 acres for $4.680.000 (5252 dollars per acre), 1850 acres for $11.000.000 (5945 dollars per acre), and, brace yourself for this one...

...67 500 000 dollars for 360 acres, meaning $187 500 per acre. Are they for real? :P That is just over the top.
The locations I have saved from Spain, Mexico and Argentina on the other hand, cost between 43-2842 dollars per acre, and we're talking big plots of land of 1000-30 000 acres.
Now I'm not saying that any of those are perfectly suited for our needs, but neither were (necessarily) the expensive Hawaiian locations I mentioned. ;) It's just a comparison.


Just thought I'd let you all know, I'm going to The big island in hawaii for my honeymoon from Nov 12th - 17th. I can take pictures and such for ya'll. Even a video if I'm nice enough. All courteousy of Avatar Nation's equipment.


Thanks for the offer ExLibrisMortis! That would be really great - but please, don't let us distract you from your special holiday! Have a wonderful time.

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Ditto :) Congrats and have fun :D

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It wouldn't be much of an imposition. I'll already be there anyways. At least in the vicinity, might as well.