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Re: How about Austrailia?
« Reply #20 on: October 04, 2010, 02:38:50 pm »
Still, it can be done, and it's not like you wouldn't have to deal with immigration issues with any other country.

The political and social stability of the country I think is an important thing that no one has been looking at until now, also.  A country that is fairly peaceful and has a good economy would be better to get settled in and have this project work then a country where there is constant in-fighting, terrorist activity, drug trafficking, a poor economy, etc.  True, the price of the land and initial supplies will be more expensive on the outset, but it's something I think would be a fair trade off.

The amount of land that is up for sale is also a good thing.  Of course, it wouldn't be available in a national forest, but there's apparently enough land off of those areas to be had.

One way to look at it is:  Other then initial difficulty getting a Visa until you can get citizenship when the time comes, are there any other cons?

The Pros I see are:  Abundant food sources, good economy, abundant land, social and political stability, the right environment the tribe is looking for, and no severe epidemics or problems with diseases.

The Cons are:  Initial Immigration difficulties, Spiders and Snakes that are venomous (Though antivenom is apparently easy to come-by), and a handful of generally dangerous animals such as crocodiles and feral hogs.

One thing to keep in mind with the animals is that it is much like immigration:  You would have to deal with dangerous animals any country you tried to move to.  Brazil certainly has it's fair share of nasties, as does America, etc.

Are there any that I'm missing?  I think Pro/Con lists would be a good way to evaluate every location and see what the best options would be.  It keeps things more organized and concise.

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Re: How about Austrailia?
« Reply #21 on: October 04, 2010, 09:16:06 pm »
Australia sounds great. ;D From the sounds of it, it has everything the tribe is looking for - open land, wild riding animals (Camels? Wow! :D), and plenty of game. And from the sounds of it, disease doesn't seem to be the biggest problem, and spider/snake bites are easy to treat. From the looks of some of those real estate reports, the forests look really beautiful. Plus, mountains are nice. :D

Good'onya mate! ;D (See what I did there? ;))
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