Started by Tsufätu Ayioangä, January 26, 2011, 01:50:16 PM

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Tsufätu Ayioangä

I dunno if any of thse sites have been looked at or anything yet but they might be something to look into.  I haven't been able to do much research on them because I'm at school but I will when I get the chance.]ONE


I had pulled this up a month ago, but it proved a fail because we realized it's for preserving animals rather than killing them for food. But thanks for searching. ;)

Tsufätu Ayioangä

oh ok.  I was just searching for buyable islands


Hi Aykerusey,

Eana is right. Islands present a difficulty when it comes to food - they are often not large enough to support our tribe. We need to allow the population time to recover, or at least never make a significant dent in said population. This would mean making meat last - any tips on preserving meat?

Also, islands would raise safety eyebrows with any legal organisations that help us out with this. Islands by nature are far from civilisation, and would mean long emergency response times. As I have said before, tribal medicine can get us so far, but severed limbs may prove too much for a herbal poultice...

Great research anyway! Glad to see there are still people searching for our long lost location.

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Tsufätu Ayioangä


about the preservation, we can use ice (if its cold) or find other natural ways

Txura Rolyu

Its hard to come by ice in an tropical area, not to mention fresh water. I like the Hawaii option that was mentioned in a different thread. It was close enough to civilization that we could have a safe emergency response. I just dont know what sort of money we have to just plop down on land...
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