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Started by Tonbogiri, September 11, 2011, 04:19:01 PM

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Right then,

A while back I posted a thread saying our location choice had been sorted. It has not, sadly, as we keep finding better locations with each day that passes. Still, some locations stood up more than others, so I propose a list of our most promising and most researched locations below. I shall start us off with my personal favourite:

Mauna Kea Ranch, Hawaii
Cost: 3.7 million US dollars.

Advantages: Relatively cheap cost for location - Hawaiian land is traditionally extremely expensive per acre, and this is one of the cheapest and largest around. Good food/water sources - game is abundant, hunting laws are easy to understand, great potential for small scale farming, water freely available from resevoirs on adjacent property. Immigration easy - well, not EASY, but with legal help more freely available. Emergency services - the location is only an hour away from a populations centre, meaning all amenties, most importantly emergency services, are not far away.

Disadvantages: Cost of land - despite relative cheapness, the land alone is still nearly four million dollars. Cost of immigration - we would need to pay additional fees for legal help in entering the country. Unreliable photography - while the land agent assures us of plenty of old forest, pictures taken of the property seem to show fairly sparse populations - plus, the google maps photograph of the area, I have just found out, is in fact completely in the wrong place, and as such it is even harder to truly determine the plant life onsite.

In conclusion - a decent location, just pricey! Coupled with the fact that the land agents have been fairly inconsistent with descriptions, you end up with some land that could only really be bought by a multi-billionaire...

Anyway, what is next on the list?

old gallery link?id=2051[/img]

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I haven't been on regularly enough lately :(. That's the only place I remember.

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I have about twenty locations saved on my computer, from various countries... but I can't access internet on it now (which is why I haven't been active in a while), so you'll have to wait. :-\

Yes, Hawaiian land seem to be horribly expensive. Like you said, this location is relatively cheap considering it is Hawaii, but still, almost $3500 per acre is very pricey. And to be honest, it doesn't really have the beautiful nature which is one of the more attractive traits of Hawaii.

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It begins to be dangerous on Mauna Kea, it is now reported earthquake swarm there, but very low danger for eruption