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Tsleng Keye'ung:
New Island!

Tsyal Maktoyu:
The other two islands look pretty interesting, though the price could still be an issue. Do we have to buy the whole island? Maybe we can buy a portion (maybe the portion we will build the village on, or maybe some farmland as well), and the owners of the rest might let us use it pro bono?

I actually looked at Los Leones, and read about that family, but I'm not sure how it would work out myself.

This is the list of islands I have; some of them have already been mentioned in this thread.
I have little or no idea how well these would actually fit, some of them may be under conservation, others may have no wildlife, etc... I have only picked those with a reasonable size and that are not crazily expensive.

Savage Jungle, Chile. Approximately $2717 per acre.

Los Leones, Chile. $2730 per acre.

French Island, Argentina. $310 per acre. (Land price is very low in Argentina, but the island itself doesn't look too promising...)

Geraldo Island, Brazil. $383 per acre.

Mangunca Island, Brazil. $810 per acre.

BioPeba Island, Brazil. $2463 per acre.

Ile Aguara Sur, Argentina. $250 per acre.

Ilha das Pacas, Brazil. $277 per acre.

When you look at it this way, the two biggest (Ile Aguara Sur and Ilha das Pacas) are actually the least expensive ones.

Tsanten Eywa 'eveng:

--- Quote ---Mangunca Island
This is in brazil and its 3,700 acres! With a wonderful price (in comparison) of $3,000,000! It has beaches, 3 lakes and is good for agriculture. (if we do that.)

(I'll edit the list as I find potential isles.)
--- End quote ---

that Island is bigger and cheaper than Mauna Kea Ranch, but I am not trusting the immigration law in Brazil


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