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Started by Tsleng Keye'ung, November 27, 2010, 06:29:31 PM

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Tsleng Keye'ung

This is gonna be a general list of private islands, meaning theres not gonna be that much info on eac. But, if theres intrest on a specific island I'll get mre info on it.

Hangover Island
Despite the *ahem* weird name, this seems like a good island. Its 40 acres, and a good (I think) price of 400,000 USD (united states dollars for those who don't know). It has good inland and outland fishing, and a good amount of animals, though im not sure what kind. One, thing though, it has the WORLDS largest manatee sanctuary.

Los Leones
This one is in Chile, and its 1,721 acres! I think that's a good size for both Eco-Village, and the tribe. And, it's only $4,000! No, I'm just kidding it's $4,700,000. That's preety pricey, but you know, what are you gonna do? Also it comes with 4 small cabins with a bathroom and a bedroom. And a big one with that and kitchen and living room. There's also a host family that can serve you Chilean food. (not sure if you pay them monthy or what.)

Mangunca Island
This is in brazil and its 3,700 acres! With a wonderful price (in comparison) of $3,000,000! It has beaches, 3 lakes and is good for agriculture. (if we do that.)

(I'll edit the list as I find potential isles.)


I'm not so sure about Hangover Island, the acreage is smaller than we're shooting for, and it's too far from the equator, which would put us in colder weather than we need.

Tsleng Keye'ung

Okay, what kind of acreage are we wanting?


From what I remember, somewhere in the hundreds, which can get preeetty expensive.

Key'ìl Nekxetse

Things that are separate from the main land really need to be large, as game and other resources won't be replenished from other areas.
Good idea, what next? :D
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Tsleng Keye'ung

Tsyal Maktoyu

The other two islands look pretty interesting, though the price could still be an issue. Do we have to buy the whole island? Maybe we can buy a portion (maybe the portion we will build the village on, or maybe some farmland as well), and the owners of the rest might let us use it pro bono?


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I actually looked at Los Leones, and read about that family, but I'm not sure how it would work out myself.


This is the list of islands I have; some of them have already been mentioned in this thread.
I have little or no idea how well these would actually fit, some of them may be under conservation, others may have no wildlife, etc... I have only picked those with a reasonable size and that are not crazily expensive.

Savage Jungle, Chile. Approximately $2717 per acre.

Los Leones, Chile. $2730 per acre.

French Island, Argentina. $310 per acre. (Land price is very low in Argentina, but the island itself doesn't look too promising...)

Geraldo Island, Brazil. $383 per acre.

Mangunca Island, Brazil. $810 per acre.

BioPeba Island, Brazil. $2463 per acre.

Ile Aguara Sur, Argentina. $250 per acre.

Ilha das Pacas, Brazil. $277 per acre.

When you look at it this way, the two biggest (Ile Aguara Sur and Ilha das Pacas) are actually the least expensive ones.

Tsanten Eywa 'eveng

QuoteMangunca Island
This is in brazil and its 3,700 acres! With a wonderful price (in comparison) of $3,000,000! It has beaches, 3 lakes and is good for agriculture. (if we do that.)

(I'll edit the list as I find potential isles.)

that Island is bigger and cheaper than Mauna Kea Ranch, but I am not trusting the immigration law in Brazil


I have been trying to find the various islands I have listed, on Google maps.
And I found all of them! (And it only took me about 1½ hour.)

Savage Jungle, Chile
I'm not sure how much of the island is for sale, as they say it is 1325 acres, but that island is clearly bigger.
Picture from Savage Jungle's own site, which I used as reference: http://www.savagejungle.com/images/Savage%20Jungle%20Resort.jpg
(If you find it and zoom up on the northeastern beach, you will find this place.)

Isla Huemules, Chile
1359 acres, or 550 hectares.
More info: http://islands.glo-con.com/property.php?property_no=AD1_22438

Los Leones, Chile

French Island, Argentina

Tropical plantation, Vanuatu
This is a tropical plantation and a small island, in total 2300 acres.

Geraldo Island, Brazil
Maybe it's a little hard to tell which it is, but it's in the middle, and if you click the link I posted in my earlier post, you can see more pics there.

Mangunca Island, Brazil
The big chunk to the right.

BoiPeba Island, Brazil

Ile Aguara Sur, Argentina

Ilha das Pacas, Brazil
I'm unsure myself how this is an island, but this is what I found from the description and satellite image on Privateislandsonline.com. (It can't be the little island in the river, since Ilha das Pacas is supposed to be over 36 000 acres.)


Good job!

But the questions that firsty arrises to me here would be : aren't these islands too expensive for all of us? Is the local fauna and flora fit for supporting chasing and delivering food? Are health facilities far?  :)

Islands are not bad in terms of aesthetics. Landscape is almost always fabulous. But life may be more complicated than on the continent where there are more primary resources and potentially larger territories that can be traveled.

Just asking...


Now I've also found Isla San Pedro, the most northern island (so far) I've found in Chile.
And in this case, northern means warmer. ;)


Darn expensive, but you get what you pay for (the size for example), and it's still no more than $750 per acre.


Sorry too butt in, but I think an island would be better because you don't want tourists wondering into your patch and you don't want to be restricted by a fence.


If we had an island we might be able to survive of of less then 100 acres because of all the fish.


I've heard of a tribe that lives on a 100 acre island, but they have had to turn the whole island into a farm, agriculture, to survive. I don't think that's what we want. :/


Well....indeed this could be an issue if there are actually no much fish surrounding the island.