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Tsleng Keye'ung:
This is gonna be a general list of private islands, meaning theres not gonna be that much info on eac. But, if theres intrest on a specific island I'll get mre info on it.

Hangover Island
Despite the *ahem* weird name, this seems like a good island. Its 40 acres, and a good (I think) price of 400,000 USD (united states dollars for those who don't know). It has good inland and outland fishing, and a good amount of animals, though im not sure what kind. One, thing though, it has the WORLDS largest manatee sanctuary.

Los Leones
This one is in Chile, and its 1,721 acres! I think that's a good size for both Eco-Village, and the tribe. And, it's only $4,000! No, I'm just kidding it's $4,700,000. That's preety pricey, but you know, what are you gonna do? Also it comes with 4 small cabins with a bathroom and a bedroom. And a big one with that and kitchen and living room. There's also a host family that can serve you Chilean food. (not sure if you pay them monthy or what.)

Mangunca Island
This is in brazil and its 3,700 acres! With a wonderful price (in comparison) of $3,000,000! It has beaches, 3 lakes and is good for agriculture. (if we do that.)

(I'll edit the list as I find potential isles.)

I'm not so sure about Hangover Island, the acreage is smaller than we're shooting for, and it's too far from the equator, which would put us in colder weather than we need.

Tsleng Keye'ung:
Okay, what kind of acreage are we wanting?

From what I remember, somewhere in the hundreds, which can get preeetty expensive.

Key'├Čl Nekxetse:
Things that are separate from the main land really need to be large, as game and other resources won't be replenished from other areas.
Good idea, what next? :D


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