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Tsanten Eywa 'eveng:
French Island
Location: Argentina, South America
Price: US $700,000
Size: 2,255 acres(9.1 km2)
SpoilerFrench Island is a beautiful large private island located on the Rio Uruguay in the province of “Entre Rios”, Argentina. The property’s 2255 extensive acres in a populated and very pretty area make it a wonderful opportunity for tourism development or a ranching and agricultural venture. The island is available for purchase or for rent on a yearly basis.
Spectacular unspoiled nature surrounds you on French Island, with willow-treed woodlands, flat prairie, and a large 60-acre lagoon. You’ll find an abundance of wildlife including red deer, capybara, and otters, and the surrounding river teems with many varieties of fish and eels.

Located in a rich and fertile delta close to one of the world’s prime water resources, the Guaranì River basin, many types of ranching, farming and silviculture are possible. The Argentine government is actively seeking new investment and development in this region, and permitting is not expected to be difficult to obtain.

Some potential uses for the island are:

Tourism: Exceptional natural beauty, proximity (55 miles) to Buenos Aires and excellent fishing make French Island a perfect location for a hunting/fishing lodge or other tourism development. Capybara, red deer and other native species could be hunted for sport.

Ranching: Several types of cattle species such as the Bradfor would be perfectly adapted to the island’s natural flora and climate, and the unusually large size of the island provides ample pasture ground. High grasses, rushes, reeds, wetland tubers and other feed sources are readily available. Other possibilities include the raising of buffalo, marsh deer, and capybara.

Silviculture: The Argentine government offers tax credits and other subsidies to “green” industries that offset pollution, such as the growing of trees for paper and other uses. This production results in “Green Bonuses”, bonds which are traded and purchased by polluting industries to offset their carbon dioxide emissions. Species such as the Alamo tree have excellent, fast yields and would be particularly suitable.

There is currently one small and dilapidated house on the property, but it will need extensive renovations prior to use. There is not currently electricity on the island, which will need to be obtained from the nearest town of New Palmira, but cellular reception is excellent.

The island is available for both sale and long-term lease. The cost for a yearly lease is US $48,000.
Piaçabuçu Island
Location: Brazil, South America
Price: US $1,150,000
Size: 286.5 acres(1.16 km2)
This 286.5-acre island is located near Potengy, Piaçabuçu in Brazil's northeastern state of Alagoas. Situated on the the beautiful São Francisco river, the island features 4,500 coconut trees, 200 fruit trees, and various small constructions.

Islands: Price on request

San Jose Island:
Location: Panama, Central America
Size: 11,000 acres(44.51 km2)
SpoilerA once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own this unique, fully titled, 11,000-acre private island in the Pearl Island Archipelago off the coast of Panama. Home to the boutique 4-star resort, Hacienda Del Mar, a variety of bird species including toucans and macaws, and abundant marine life, San Jose Island is blessed with 57 pristine beaches, turquoise waters, waterfalls, rivers and streams. The island, with fully titled parcels, a master plan, and existing infrastructure, is ready for the development of a world-class resort destination.


Fully titled, privately owned

12 separate parcels, each approximately 250 acres, also individually titled. Two of these parcels currently for sale. Playa Grande Marina, mega-yacht marina and village, and Hacienda Del Mar Resort.

5,000 linear feet runway

Existing boutique resort, Hacienda del Mar with 17 guest "casitas", pool, restaurant, gym, game room and activities including snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking, jetskiing, atving, hiking, deep sea fishing

32 miles of roads

50 nautical miles to Panama Canal

20 minute flight to Panama City, Panama with flights daily

Proximity to world renowned fishing of San Jose Canyon and Zane Grey/Pinas Reef

island has been featured on television and in magazines including : three "Survivor" series, Outdoor Net's Worldwide Fishing Guide, HDNet's World Explorer, and Conde Naste, Travel and Leisure, Yachting, Marlin, and Pacific Coast Sport fishing magazines

natural rolling topography from sea level up to approximately 450 feet above sea level

year round fresh water supply and water treatment facility that treats 3,000 gallons/hour

rock quarry and crusher

vessel landing facility with capacity to unload 40 foot container

Great Whale Cay:
Location: Bahamas, Caribbean
Size: 850 acres(3.44 km2)
SpoilerThe Island:
Great Whale Cay in the Bahamas is a (whale tail) shaped Island and is one of the largest and most scenic in the collection of islands known as The Berry Islands. It comprises 850 acres, a 4000’ paved runway, and some of the best beaches in the Bahamas. The island is a tropical paradise with a number of rare species of flora and fauna. It is also a Mecca for water sports, diving and sports fishing. The island is one of the closest to the mainland USA and is just one hundred and fifty miles east of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The island includes: 850 acre

surrounded by incredible beaches, deep water and coral reefs. The island offers fly-fishing, big game fishing, snorkeling, scuba diving and many more activities. Unusually for the Bahamas, the island boasts substantial cliffs reaching heights of up to 60 ft above sea level. several historical buildings offer great development opportunities (The Great House, Lighthouse, Church, and Museum) The 4,000 foot airstrip puts Nassau within a 10-minute flight or Fort Lauderdale in approximately 50 minutes. Privately owned and developed by the heiress of the standard Oil fortune from the 1930’s through to 1975 – ‘Joe’ Carstairs.

Known as ‘The Fastest Women on Water’ she hosted the duke and duchess of Windsor on the island in 1940.

Development Plan:
Great Whale Cay has received outline planning consent from the Bahamian authorities for the development of the island into a luxury private island resort. The vision for the development has been 10 years in the making. A planned, methodical process via the buyout of previous investors and the purchase and acquisition of land parcels and individual lots has achieved the desired control over 100% of the island and ownership of 93% of the total land area.

Phase 1 of the development plan for Great Whale Cay has been approved by the Bahamian Government.. The development plan includes permission for:

-Commercial operatations- Airstrip -Marina -Hotel -Communal parks -Resort homes -Tennis courts -Restaurants -swimming pools - 155 individual ±1 acre home sites.

The development plan includes the following specific areas:

The Inn at Whale Cay – a traditional ‘village’ style development of approximately 50 Bahamian style cottages centered around The Great House.

Whale Cay Marina and Marina Village – new inland marina complex with private berths and villas.

Spa Island – a ‘Polynesian’ style development of luxury villas sitting above the tropical waters.

Church Point villas & homes – large homes situated around a possible 9-hole golf course with dramatic panoramic views to both the West and East.

The fact that the island has a private airstrip adds significant value to the island since it is highly unlikely that permission would be granted today for the creation of a new airstrip on a privately owned island. Whale Cay Group limited is a Bahamian registered corporation which owns approximately 93% of the Island.

There may also be the possibility to purchase a smaller ‘parcel’ of the island or a possible JV development opportunity with the current owners.

Kanacea Island
Location: Fiji, Oceania
Size: 3,085 acres(12.48 km2)
SpoilerSeven volcanic summits dot the island, with jungle-filled valleys set between them. A quiet world of azure water, footprint-free beaches with sand as fine as powder, framed between cliffs covered in overgrown forest; A set straight out of a Hollywood castaway movie.

This sprawling 3085 acre Fijian Freehold paradise was once a thriving copra plantation, but has gradually been reclaimed by the native guava and palm trees making way for the perfect opportunity for development or ultimate seclusion.

Vestiges of the copra operation survive in the form of an old plantation manor, several outbuildings and a weather beaten wharf that stretches out into the inviting waters of Northern Lau in the South Pacific.

Numerous pristine beaches fringe the island and lead out into the sparkling reef-rich waters making for excellent swimming, snorkelling and diving opportunities. Back on shore, the lush jungle conceals several fresh water springs, fragrant tropical flowers and a rare variety of crab that is prized locally for its exquisite coconut flavour.

Littered throughout the jungle, valleys and around the volcanic peaks is an abundant supply of scoria or cinder perfect for use in constructing roads or runways. Because of the islands immense size, there are several locations perfectly suited for the construction of airstrips, accommodation or larger developmental endeavours.

Please inquire for more information on this majestic kingdom-sized island.
Mehetia Island
Location: French Polynesia, Oceania
Size: 741.3 acres(3 km2)
SpoilerThis stunning island near Tahiti will transport you in time, and provide a glimpse of the earth when it was new and wild. Preserved by the previous owners to provide a home for many exotic birds and flowers, this beautiful isle is one of the most recent formations of the volcanic Society Islands.

Tahiti is served by numerous airlines from all major airports.

MEHETIA is situated to 100 km (64 miles) to the East of Tahiti, this islet of 3 km2 possessed a mountain 435 m (1427 ft) of altitude . It is the youngest island of the archipelago of the society. Uninhabited, ruins of Marae show that she was it once.

Many boats from Tahiti provide, each week, equipment, foods, … and delivery.

It is a protected land, a paradise for all sorts of birds.

The mehetia atoll has been practically uninhabited for years and years.

So wished its owners who wanted to preserve a “last natural area”.

Now and then, a few families would come and stay only the time of a copra crop.

Inhabitants were living with natural products: tortoises, various fishes, dried oysters, lobsters, crabs, …

Mehetia's atoll been a part of island of the wind and is administratively connected with the municipality of tautira.

Surface of emerged land is more than 228 hectares.

The island is protected from a coral reef

The island, without any house, is free from any constraints to build any construction wished.

Weather is always fine with a constant temperature of 25°C.

Natural wells provide smooth water in addition with rainwater And from a source at the bottom of hill

Offshore, an anchorage is possible. A landing area shall be built easily.

A marina could be also built.

The land part is planted with coconut palms, miki-miki and fara.

The fauna mainly consists of Various sort of vegetable

Business Opportunities:
French Polynesia is located in the heart of the development of the 21st century: The Pacific zone.

French Polynesia has good economic basis and high performances in export, tourism, …

Schools provide skilled workers and managers.

Health, communications, way of life, level of equipment are the same than in any big countries.

French Polynesia helps investments with tax cuts and subsidies up to about 50% of the amount of the investment.

Mehetia is near TAHITI that the French Polynesia’s government shall give soon a “duty free port” status.

That island will become a new centre of development in the South Pacific.

Ahunui is a first rate investment to start a new business as: , tourism, noni, …

Mehetia is now the unique island that could be whole buy in French Polynesia.

A lot of reason can drive human being to search a piece of the Earth paradise for holidays or for the complete life.

With so much fishes, whales, corals, it’s a special experiment to dive or snorkel.

Billfish, sailing, can also attract smart and selected peoples wishing to enjoy exceptional instants.

Very nice, well done. :)
Just remember that "price on request" often means in the price class 100 000 000+, which is why I've never included them. :( But it's worth looking up, I guess, you never know.

BTW, there is also the tropical plantation on Malo (Vanuatu), which is on Private Islands Online and which I found on Google maps the other day.
A tropical plantation with a small island, in total adding up to 2300 acres.

Tsanten Eywa 'eveng:
But I am not trusting Vanuatu, It's serious powerful earthquake activity there, and then I mean almost everyday

just today has it been 4 earthquakes over magnitude 4. One at 4.9, two at 4.7 and one at 4.6

yesterday was it at 5.1(only one earthquake)

You already listed an island from Vanuatu yourself. ::)

Tsanten Eywa 'eveng:
yeah, I know it, I just posted it here, I removing it


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