New location!

Started by Tonbogiri, December 28, 2010, 05:28:59 AM

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Na'vin Nos'feratxu

Although we have no location...this is home.
And I am quite happy here.  :D


Neyn'ite Te Tsahìk Txeptsyìp'ite

old gallery link?id=2025[/img]

oel ayngati kameie, ma aysmukan sì aysmuke, Eywa ayngahu.
oeyä tsmukan, ma Nick, oeru ngaytxoa livu. nìmwey tsurokx. nga yawne lu oer.

Tsanten Eywa 'eveng

Hawaii could maybe be a good place

take a look at this:

Tsleng Keye'ung

If we could get that and about another thousand acres just like for a reasonable price... I prommised myself i wouldn't cry... :'(

Tsanten Eywa 'eveng


check out this site for buying an Island:

16000 acres Island for 12 million USD$:


I have a list of interesting islands there since a couple of months. ::)
This for example - 36.000 acres (for real? How big is that?) for $10 000 000, in Brazil.
And this one, much smaller (1.325 acres) for $3 600 000, in Chile:
3.700 acres in Brazil, for $3 000 000:
2.300 acres in Vanuatu (east of Australia), for $1 500 000:
And here, 6.000 acres in Argentina, for $1 500 000:
And finally Geraldo Island (which there has been a lot of talk about here already), 2.700 acres for $1 000 000 (720.000 EURO).

'Itan Atxur

Money sucks. And even if we do get that kind of money, we still have to deal with immigration *sigh*

Check out more from my DeviantArt page HERE


Just to confirm that those land sizes are actually thirty-six thousand, and not just 36? That would be a real let down when we arrive... ;)

And don't worry 'Itan, we have time. Hope is the most important thing we can keep!

old gallery link?id=2051[/img]

Na'viru san LearnNaviyä sìk oel olo'txepit nerekx siveiyi talun
    lì'fyari leNa'vi 'Rrtamì, vay set 'almong a fra'u zera'u ta ngrrpong...

Tsanten Eywa 'eveng

Oe mllte hu nga Tonbogiri. It is hope, I believe it. I hope we can find a place very soon  :)