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Navi At Heart:
If so I've found several South American locations that may be suitable for the tribe. The area that we are dealing with ranges from 5,000 to 7,000 acre patches. ranging from $190,000-$500,000 USD. These are just ideas Im throwing out and if need be I can try to collect more information on them.

Nice. ;D Do you have any links?

Navi At Heart:

Heres the first one I noted

and the second

These are 2 that i found might suit our cause, I havent looked into either to much yet nor have I contacted anyone on availability but will if needed  :)

Ok. :)

The downside of Brazil is that homeschooling is illegal, and all hunting as well (except for in the state Rio Grande do Sul), I think... fuzzy information.
But I'm definitely saving it in my list.

Bolivia I don't know so much about.

Navi At Heart:
Ah ok yeah I wasent to sure about the Laws  :-[. Ill have to take a look into Bolivia's laws and see whats off limits.


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