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Time once again for a bit of work.

No exciting word document this time, as it has a much more official air about it.
We had a look at Geraldo Island, a private piece of land on the coast of Brazil, not too long ago. Not only is it large enough to suit all our needs (see below) but it has a relatively low price tag.

Name: Geraldo Island

Size: 25.5 miles circumference, 2,718 acres

Topography: Max height above sea level - 5 metres (hmm, global warming issue?...

Climate: Sub-tropical (more sun than rain!) and constant breeze, but no extreme weather reported over last 50 years.

Food Sources: According to local geographers, this area of coastline boasts significant populations of animals. No info on exact pop. of this area, as scientific presence in said area is a near zero. Sub-tropical forests contain wide range of edible plants and fruit.

Water Sources: "Amazon Wells" - 5 metre deep wells are the custom of the local people, so should be good enough for us. According to local sources, this water is abundant and in no danger of running dry.

I have been in contact with the land agent in charge of this island, and while he was keen for us to pretty much buy the island tomorrow, I managed to hold him off without accidentally reserving said land. While he was helpful, a point he stressed was that it would be extremely difficult to square our idea with the Brazilian government in terms of Visas. In his own words "For sure, no firm will help you out here.". Optimistic to the last, eh?

He mentioned that unless we were all retired, an annual turnover (decided by the authorities) would be required to be met by our business, and it would have to include some paid workers from Brazil. It seems that the easiest way to form foreign based firms is to have the start-up team/CEO as actual citizens of said country, and then hand out employment Visas. Or we could all wait until we are over 60, and not be bothered at all by the Brazilian government.

Seems that the thing we need to find out about is how to start foreign based, non-profit organisations and get visas for employees of the business.
Also, start saving up!

And thus, the tribe would be right back to following the capitalist rules that are one of the main reasons the world is going to such Hell.  :/

Honestly, making it a not-for-profit of some sort, or something like that, isn't a bad idea in the least.  But when you start talking about "CEO's" and "Businesses," it just sounds like it's destined to become that which everyone here hates.

Visas and immigration really are going to be what I think makes or breaks this plan.

'Itan Atxur:
Still seems like one of the best options we've got yet.

Is there any pictures of it? I can't do much on my phone, so can someone just forward the info to my Facebook?

Tsyal Maktoyu:
Ouch, sounds like the Brazilian government is going to be a pain in the ass about it. Damn modern politics. :'( Maybe a not-for-profit might work.


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