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A jungle survival trip


Hey guys,

I realised a few days ago that there is nothing I want for christmas. It's bad, right?
My parents, while still ignorant of the tribe, are aware of my interest in wilderness survival, and suggested i look for some exciting course to go on.
How exciting? Check it out:

2 weeks in the jungle, learning how to build, hunt, eat and live? I can think of no better thing to do. And as a group...but, 18s and over only, I'm afraid (unless you can persuade a parent to come along). The best thing is that if we all book (7 people minimum), then we get a massive discount on prices.

I'll leave you guys to check it out - meanwhile, i'm going to attack the "last post" column with a sharpened stick.

Tsyal Maktoyu:
Hey, that's pretty cool! Thanks for posting. I'm checking it out now, it looks really educational, and fun! :D Not sure I'll be able to go, though. :(

And the last post column is mine!! ;D

Hmm, the activity is lower round here. Where have all those new people got to?

Good question. Some people are probably spending time with their families around the holidays, some probably lost interest. People seem to come and go around here...

Key'├Čl Nekxetse:
Still here, doing work for the Revolutionists (and therefore us), but I'm quite busy.


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