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Now we have the new moderators initiated this seems like the best time to go ahead and streamline our front page (or "Real-Life Na'vi Tribe").

I think all we need are:
* Who we are/mission. (Read me First)
* Rules
* News
* Directory                    
And we can remove the redundant: spread the word, the idea, and tribe rules. What do you think?    

Edit: Yeah, I posted in the wrong section. Ideas is a great idea by the way, whoever thought of it. ;D

'Itan Atxur:
So maybe the real life na'vi tribe board would only be for important info and maybe final vote? If that's what you're suggesting, it seems reasonable to me.

Also, I think the directory is brilliant and should be updated and stickies to each board.

The Real-Life Na'vi Tribe board should be for important info only I suggest and no voting or discussion.

Also, there should be a locked Rules thread for every board to explain the purpose of each board and the rules that govern them.

That's what I was getting at. Restrict it to important stickies and welcome information. Everything it is currently being used for can fit in under Official, Ideas, or Off topic. And there's a good deal that is off topic and could be moved.

The problem with a general board is that it gets clogged as everyone posts there and it's easy to lose track of what's useful.

Yeah exactly, that's what's happening to the general board.


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