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Started by Nìmwey, April 07, 2012, 03:45:30 AM

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I could ask this at Blue Moon too, but I do it here instead to see if I can spark some activity. (Probably not, though.)

Watching "Garbage Warrior" got me thinking about building/construction laws.

Not every country will allow people to just build a house on their own, without professionals involved, and out in the wild at that.
No PLUMBING! No ELECTRICITY! You will all DIE! We have to stop you! :o

...that's what we're going to be told anyway.

So a place that doesn't allow us to build from recycled materials, or worse, doesn't allow us to build anything at all, is not a place where we would want to go.

And I don't know where to begin the search.


I will have a look to what I can find about this for European lands (including F. Guiana).

The thing might be that we would have to declare where there would be constructions and of what sort. It sure might be ticklish, but should not be an issue if there are solutions to get good water and a good management of resource that would not impact the environment in which we would settle. There should be no particular element of a shanty town with the few constructions we may need.

By the way, your title s a bit misleading. You should have named the thread "Construction laws and rules" I believe.  :)

Niri Te

 Ma Nimwey,
  People in the United States are under far fewer rules and regulations in the United States than in the Germany that I used to live in, when I left there for the last time in 1982.
  Of those of us in the United States, Texas is one of the least regulated States in the Country, and as you get out into the "Other" Texas, the part of the state that is west of the Pecos River, and very closely resembles the "Texas" depicted in the western movies and TV shows, drops completely off the scale.
  Here in Hudspeth County, a little over 8,000 square miles area, and only three thousand people, there is only ONE building inspector, and he ONLY inspects commercial building construction.
  We don't HAVE building permits out here if you are building your own house, as Ateyo and I are doing. We consider that one of the FREEDOMS that our forefathers fought for at the ALAMO.
  Those of us who are either Native Texans, or those who have taken Texas to their hearts have made more that one trip to the Alamo. To us, it is a shrine, like Mecca is to a Muslim, it represents WHO and WHAT we are, and is a physical manifestation of what we believe.
Niri Te
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