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Christmas Competition!

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Key'ìl Nekxetse:
I did something, it's not very impressive :-[
Thought I'd try carving a Christmas tree, hoping I could dye it. Sadly my dye attempt failed, and it's too late to try something different now. I hoped there would be other people doing stuff, seems they aren't are!

Why don't I extend the date. Only one entry, and many not finished. Updating first post! If there are any unfinished projects, please do finish them - the prize was already bought by me, and so far only one proper entry! Nantxe'lan, please continue - do not worry about me!

Key'ìl Nekxetse:
Good, I think I might get the dye to work, I think I'm gonna need time to get wood and put a fire together to boil the stuff.
Looks like I need to go for a walk and look for wood tomorrow. Hopefully it won't rain :D

EEEK! ONly 22hrs left for people to submit their entries.

Key'ìl Nekxetse:
I know, getting there! ;)
I have some primitive dye working (not sure if it's really dye, but it's good enough) and I'm doing a larger, hopefully better, carving.


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