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Christmas Competition!

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Well, getting to that dark part of the year here in the NOrthern Hemisphere. Christmas is a comin', and everyone has much to do.

Perhaps a little change.

May I present, the Tribe Christmas challenge! A little competition to mark this festive season.

The rules are simple - present a small project showing your love of the natural world. YOu can do this in any way - writing, art, presentations, songs, anything that takes fancy!

Only one entry per person, and the winner shall be determined by public vote.

Up for grabs is a pdf download of "Kamana 1" - a specially designed home study program created by the Anake Outdoor Awareness School in the US (normally priced $24.95 in sale). Full of inspiring stories and techniques for not only surviving, but really noticing the natural world around you. There is even a section in the back for practicing what may certainly be needed when the tribe first starts up.

CLosing date for entries: 31st December
Voting closes: January 8th

PLease post your entries in this thread - there will be an updated list of contestants on the first page. There are around 13 people stillactive on this board (source: head count thread), so I hope to see some inspiring stuff!


Key'il's Christmas tree
Nantxe'lan's song lyrics (perhaps counts as a poem?)

Let's keep the dream alive!


This outta be fun.

Key'ìl Nekxetse:
Nice idea, I'm joining in! ;D

Key'ìl Nekxetse:
Hopefully I'll be able to do something for the end of next week, I'm busy until then with a few things. :o

unfortunately i wasn't able to finish my project yet.
but since apparently i would have been the only competitor, i guess the contest is canceled... ;D

but there are even some positive aspects on it:

Tonbogiri saved the money and i have another song for my reportiore ;D


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