Easy to build, cheap and environmentally sound "hobbit"-house

Started by Redpaintednavi, November 20, 2012, 03:37:39 AM

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A pioneer in Wales leading the way by building a cheap and environmentally sound "hobbit"-house.


Niri Te

 That is a nice, very low impact small house that would be very cheap, and easy for most people of moderate skills, tools, and knowledge to build. It is a shame that in very many places in the United States, thankfully NOT the extremely rural "Mountain West" united States, if most people nail two sticks together without a building permit, someone from the State Government will with a fine for building without a permit, and a "cease and desist" order to not continue the build. There ARE places in this country where self built houses are NOT out of the ordinary. Far West Texas where I live has many self built homes, in this County, if the house is yours, and you will live in it, you will never even SEE a "Building Inspector". The same is true for the very rural sections of Washington State, Montana, Wyoming, Arizona, and New Mexico. Get far enough back into the "Sticks" in Louisiana, Alabama, and Mississippi, and you SHOULD be alright as well. By "Far enough back into the sticks". I mean that you can not even SEE any of your neighbors, OR the road.
In this Country, in MANY States, it's all about the money.  Choose you location VERY carefully, and you will be OK though.
Tokx alu tawtute, Tirea Le Na'vi

Yawne Zize’ite

It looks nice, although I wouldn't have any sympathy for someone stopped by building inspectors from building such a thing in the area I grew up. It's earthquake country and people living in artificial caves are buried alive in strong earthquakes. Wales doesn't look like it gets earthquakes stronger than M 5.5, so an artificial cave isn't an obvious deathtrap.

It must be comfortable in the winter, though, with all that insulation! A cave home has a lot of advantages if you live in an area where it's unlikely to collapse on you.


Tse'a ngal ke'ut a krr fra'uti kame.


I like this kind of houses. They have a natural form, not like the geometric and box-like houses. :)
I would build it. ;)

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