For a bit of inspiration: Sustainable tree house community in Costa Rica

Started by Redpaintednavi, May 07, 2012, 09:21:05 AM

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For some inspiration: here are some people that have built themselves an ecologically sustainable tree house community in a rain forest in Costa Rica:

QuoteLocated on the base of an almost 6,000 foot primary rain forest mountain on the South Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, Finca Bellavista was created to preserve 300 acres of local rain forest by offering a unique opportunity for ecologically minded property owners to live sustainably in and steward a managed rain forest environment.

With a principle focus of creating a balance between maintaining a fragile habitat for wildlife and using natural resources wisely, Finca Bellavista aims to implement sustainable energy practices such as hydroelectric and solar power, while operating a recycling center and a common garden area for the community.


This is indeed very interesting and inspiring. This is a very good catch. Irayo ma tsmuktu. ;)