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As I take a hundredth look through the various border control websites to find an immigration loophole, one thing stands out - cost.
I had always assumed that land purchase was going to be our biggest drain, but it seems that for most countries that a person must have sufficient "net value" in order to live there.

I am not sure that we are far enough along to decide on an exact budget, but it will be well over a million dollars.
Does anybody have any ideas as to how to raise this? This is my second attempt at a lighter tone of topic - still no entries to the Christmas competition, and fundraising is always a fun thing.

Keep up the dream!

Why not have a percentage of the profits made from LN merchandise contributed to the project?

We could suggest that to the manager once we get properly on the way. Would be tricky - we would need to prove absolute committment!

How could we convey/express that?

We are probably on our own for this one, guys. I think that we need to make things ourselves-if the management of the site likes it then they can put it in the shop for us, but I don't think that they will just give us money. As to what we should contribute to start fund-raising, I have no idea ^_^;

Gaea be with you



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