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I don't think the 'for life' bit will work, guys...

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Niri Te:

--- Quote from: Catherss on October 07, 2012, 09:02:20 am ---Well, yeah.

Think about it: it'll work for the first few years, yes, but what happens once you reach fifty? Sixty? Seventy? You won't be able to hunt or farm or look after everything, especially if you're (sorry to put it like this) the last one standing.


--- End quote ---

I happen to take exception to the above statement, ma 'eylan. I am two months shy of my sixty third orbit of the sun, yet I'm STILL NINETEEN. A shot up nineteen, yes, but until you can swing a leg over a 170 MPH Sport Bike, and be able to stay with me through a 100 mile stretch of mountain switchbacks without crashing, don't put me out to, (or under) pasture just yet. I am also a CRACK COMPETITIVE COMBAT SHOOTER, and a Hunter that can put meat on the table any time that I go after it, with a rifle, OR a bow.

I am SURE that I am not the only person of my "experience circling the Sun", that is capable of these things, I have several friends of similar "Experience" that are every bit as good as I am.

All that I am saying is, that "age" is just a number, DON'T use it as a tool to discriminate.


--- Quote from: Nìmwey on November 24, 2012, 01:09:52 pm ---No, I don't think this lack of activity is a sign that the lifestyle won't work - only that people have lost interest. I could write longer on this, but when I wrote the last post here I was depressed, and now I'm busy, and - the link, the old thread, sais it all. ;)

--- End quote ---

I do not really agree.

In more than two years, no one has been able to see anykind of evolution. This is what has caused the loss of interest, and I have to admit than even me I feel less motivated since I wasn't capable of helping and getting what I hoped. This happens, but it isn't a complete failure in itself, a project can taste failure several times before it works. I am pretty sure people would be interested if real stuff points out it's nose in the end and if some points or organization are changed or clarified.

What I would look for is a rework, by taking the several issues that prevent the idea to become real, and find solutions to fix them. This can be done if the people that are still around gather together, talk about this, and sort out these issues (and you know there are still some people around, certainly not a lot but we don't want a lot of people for this anyway).  ;)

I really think a meeting should be fixed with us and active people from Bluemoon to reboot this. On Project Tribal, there hasn't been any since I registered, which isn't good in my opinion.


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